It's never been this easy to make ANY bike electric.


Featuring cutting-edge wireless sensor technology to make it truly universal with an effortless installation

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Unlimited eBike Conversion Kit

Universal : City / Road / Trekking / Gravel / ATB / MTB 

At Unlimited, we believe in the power of bicycles and expanding the potential of cycling. We present our second generation powertrains that convert any bike to electric in minutes. It’s the smartest way to go electric, it’s never been this simple, this easy.

Our transformative powertrain system adds tons of capability without complexity. We are building the future of mobility by enabling experiences that simply aren’t found on any other electric vehicle.


The Unlimited team unites some of the most talented designers, developers, and engineers ever assembled, dedicated to transforming the future urban mobility.

Starting with a blank slate, we’ve designed everything in-house, written all of our code and oversee every step of manufacturing and global logistics.

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