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Unlimited’s “Micromobility Wins” Master Plan

Unlimited’s “Micromobility Wins” Master Plan

Today less than 20% of the world’s population has access to personal transportation, similar to the share of the world’s access to mobile phones in 2002. 

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Everyone deserves access to information and mobility.

Asia has already done it, and we won’t be able to stop India, Africa or Latin America from doing the same thing. That's over 3 Billion people!


Transportation contributes more than half of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, and almost a quarter of the hydrocarbons emitted into our air. According to McKinsey, 50-60% of today's total passenger miles traveled in China, Europe, and the US are on trips shorter than 10 kilometers (5 miles). So unless we want to kill our planet and make our cities unlivable, Micromobility really is our only option.

LEV’s produce one tenth (10%) of the well-to-wheel emissions of even the most efficient fossil-fuel based cars on the road today. It takes way less energy to transport a 100-kilogram passenger using a 20-kilogram vehicle with a 90% efficient electric powertrain than moving a 2,000-kilogram vehicle with a 30% efficient internal combustion engine. When you replace a car trip with an ebike trip, you’re moving 17 times less weight 3 times more efficiently.

At Unlimited, our mission is to sustainably motorize 60% of the world’s urban population. We are building a Micromobility Platform that has the potential to drastically reduce transportation-related CO2 emissions and commute travel times.

Unlimited created a platform that would have the benefits from being modular and could fit a myriad of vehicles with ease. We started with a longboard skateboard as the first vehicle in the lineup. Once we had enough experience and a fully developed technology to support a second vehicle, we steered towards a more ambitious goal and entered the large and growing eBike market. None of our competitors are able to offer a multiple-LEV fully-modular platform.

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Our product not only looks sleek but hidden behind it is a sustainability and health powerhouse. Retrofitting existing vehicles with electric powertrains refreshes them and reduces their overall carbon footprint, reusing what otherwise would end up being an underutilized asset.

Our eBike system is the best because it is so simple and so universal. We reduced down the components to the bare minimum so it's easy to install but has all the features a rider could want. We created a wireless pedal sensor so there's no complicated wires during the installation and it supports almost 90% of the bike types on the market today.

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Furthermore, as lithium-ion battery cells degrade with time and use, our stackable system even opens the opportunity for end-of-life reuse of the battery packs in applications that are less demanding in their energy density requirements. Used packs nearing the end of their usability in a vehicle where lightness, energy and power density are prioritized, can then be used in residential or commercial stationary storage arrays until their use has reached their real end-of-life potential. This further reduces the carbon footprint created when manufacturing the battery packs and consequently extends that reduction to the vehicles it once powered in a full wheel-to-well analysis.

Unlimited is a mean and lean team of engineers from top institutions like MIT and the Valencia Polytechnic. We have automotive, robotics, scientific and business backgrounds and have been through Techstars in 2019! We are ready to change the world in a way that every person can feel and enjoy!


Join us, cause where we’re going,

The possibilities are UNLIMITED!

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