Partner with Unlimited. We’ll work together to custom‑build a one-of-a-kind eBike — enabling experiences that simply aren’t found on any other bike. In fact, it’s so light, so smooth, and so intuitive, it’s years ahead of any other powertrain. Which gives you an unfair advantage. 

Join the eBike revolution with a mind-blowing approach and blazing fast time-to-market. Developing competitive products involves great effort, many snares and obstacles, let alone high costs. Our approach guarantees maximum efficiency with the lowest possible effort while keeping to the highest standards when it comes to testing, homologation and compliance with statutory requirements (EN 15194). A simplified supply chain (in both directions) enables unprecedented inventory risk reduction and helps you deliver world-class customer support.

Designed in Barcelona. As a world top Smart City and one of Europe’s best bike friendly city, our designers have curated a mind-blowing user experience to separate your eBike from the rest.

Keep the conversation going. With our APP you are able to not only keep your customers engaged and happy but also provide them with industry-leading service.

Customer support, insurance, upgrades and firmware upgrades are all done through our mobile APP.

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