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The Future Ahead

We’re not a marketing company. Unlimited is first and foremost a team of engineers developing hardware, firmware and software to build the future of micromobility. We are taking on a huge challenge and we are not doing so lightly.

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Every Unlimited product includes cutting edge technology constantly updated for unparalleled experience! What does the next step look like?

We’ve already talked about the micromobility revolution and why it will continue to skyrocket during the next decade over other modes of transportation. In this blog post we’ll discuss how we think the coming 3.5 billion light electric vehicles will look like in terms of technology.

The next big disruption will be in mobility

The internet and later smartphones totally disrupted the way we live, work and communicate. Disruption means to completely re-define the scale along which things are quantified or positioned. For example, Youtube, Spotify, Netflix dramatically changed the way we consume media, which consequently is transforming how media is produced, marketed, sold, and who is doing all this. Suddenly, it was not about the quality of the Blu-Ray footage but about being able to find, play & skip content in a matter of seconds. We think the next big billion-people disruption will be in mobility.

Unlimited The Future Ahead BikeThe internet and smartphones changed the way we live and communicate at home or work, micromobility will change the way we live and move and move through cities.

Today, most light electric vehicles are “dumb”. They are just metal on wheels powered by batteries. We are not talking about cool $7k bikes here, but instead the 1B micro-vehicles already out there. That’s fine as a first step, and it does get you from A to B, but what about the future? We are convinced that vehicle technology will play a key catalyst role in the adoption of those additional billion vehicles, in particular, the internet and connectivity.

As the total number of vehicles continues to grow, it would seem tempting to try to address this audience with additional products and services. Then it’s natural to think, who will build these products and services? How can we get customers to buy a vehicle today and come back years later to buy another one? How can we add tons of additional value to the vehicle and the experience around it?

Traditional vehicle manufacturers (bike brands, for example) and retailers are not software companies. Some higher-end brands build (or outsource to get built) their own App to connect to their customers. This approach has limited impact when we are talking about the whole micromobility ecosystem, and a single brand can only do so much work in the end. Picture a single smartphone manufacturer also building all the apps on your phone, we would still be playing snake!

Unlimited The Future Ahead Mobile AppOur RideUnlimited app allows customers to customize their product and upgrade it over time with the latest developments from our engineering team. What if the vehicle’s connectivity could be leveraged for countless other applications too?

There’s a clear gap to fill by giving vehicle manufacturers, software developers, retailers and service providers the tools needed to easily create products and services for a large common audience.

The Unlimited Platform addresses this need by providing connectivity and intelligence to ALL light electric vehicles. We’re developing a hardware and software solution that aims to give manufacturers, developers, retailers, and service providers the ability to easily create all kinds of connected, future-proof experiences.

Platform Visu2

Achieving this goal will create a huge network of connected vehicles with their riders. A point of convergence for all these players to benefit from those interactions (think, Android). We could write down thousands of examples here about how that ecosystem could end up looking, but the key takeaway is opening a door that unleashes the power of the internet and software to all micro vehicles, and realizing how impactful taking that step can be: the app store for micromobility.

Our next step

Unlimited has already taken firm steps towards building some of the necessary architecture that will support the platform in full . For example, all our powertrains are connected via the smartphone app where we can currently do things like push notifications, firmware upgrades or remote diagnostics of the vehicle.

The next step towards massively scaling the platform’s user base will be launching an IoT display that is compatible with virtually all personal electric vehicles. The display not only shows key relevant information for the ride but is also a connectivity link. Working B2B, we will offer traditional manufacturers and brands the option to spec this display thus connecting their vehicles to the ecosystem. This means connecting and including vehicles built and powered by 3rd parties, significantly boosting the scale of the platform without us needing to produce, distribute and sell vehicles or powertrains ourselves.

Unlimited The Future Ahead DisplayOne of the first concepts/prototypes of the IoT display. It bolts to the handlebars, is tough, looks neat
and features LTE and Bluetooth connectivity.

Connecting these external brands brings significant value for them and their customers. Unlimited will offer several products and services based on the platform but 3rd party developers will also be able to bring their own products & ideas to these customers: an ecosystem that benefits all these different players. Going back to the smartphone analogy, it’s like comparing the immense value of today’s smartphones to early 2000s cell phones. 

Unlimited is set to play a key part in that transition and we want YOU to join us on this journey. If you want to be part of the next world-wide technology disruption, learn more here!


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