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Ride with style

Are you looking to up your game? Get moving with our upgradeable eSkate system that is way ahead of its time.

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Looking good.Ultra-LightWaterproof
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Mind-blowing performance
Take your skating to the next level. All our kits come with a custom designed ultra-high performance motor that is super quiet and fits almost any truck. With loads of torque and a premium Orangatang urethane liner, this motor will make you fly.
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Charge your adventure
The swappable lithium-ion batteries are powerfull tough and higly water resistant. We are not saying that you could to take a both with them (please don't) but if rain gets on your way there's nothing you should be worried about. They are also travel-friendly, because you can bring them with you on your next fight!
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Be in control

Control everything about your eSkate and match it to your riding style. Choose between snail, eco and pro modes for beginner to advanced riders.

Also, discover our awesome remote features:

  • Cruise: Press and hold A to set cruise control at your current speed. Release A to deactivate.
  • Nitro: Press and hold B at full throttle for an extra boost of speed.
  • Ninja mode: Ride with your lights out. It’s kind of romantic, isn’t it?
  • Unlimited mode: This mode is a eSkate push assist. Set your speed by pushing. Unlimited Mode helps maintain that speed, dramatically extending your coasting distance!
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The secret is in our core
The Core is the brains of the operation. It's the link between the batteries, motor, and the remote control to give you with up-to-date information about your powertrain. Built with state-of-the-art hardware and firmware to provide a safe, smooth, and stealthy ride!


How do you improve on the best convertion kit ever made? Make it even better with these add-ons. Choose to have your stats visible at all times or be ready for anything with extra batteries. Your ride, you choose. Grab your extra goodies now!


Solo Kit
MotorsBatteriesTop SpeedRangeWeightTorquePrice
1123 mph / 37 kph7 mi / 11 km4.4 lb / 2 kg9° Uphill€829
Cruiser Kit
MotorsBatteriesTop SpeedRangeWeightTorquePrice
1223 mph / 37 kph13 mi / 21 km6.6 lb / 3kg9° uphill €1029
Race Kit
MotorsBatteriesTop SpeedRangeWeightTorquePrice
2226 mph / 42 kph13 mi / 21 km9 lb / 4k20° uphill €1299
Transform the way you move

Installation? A breeze. Performance? Off the charts. Technology? ahead of its time. Are you ready to ride the future? Just swap your wheels for our motor, slide your battery pack under your board and you are ready to go!


Made with love

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