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<p>People Friendly</p>
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People Friendly

Nobody wants to spend an hour installing something or having to read eternal instruction manuals that seem to be a step-by-step on how to build a space rocket. You want to ride and get out. We get it. That's why our wireless pedal sensor technology is not only the finest on the market, but also the most intuitive and easiest to install. But nobody wants another device to keep charged, we have good news! You’ll only have to charge the pedal sensor every 3-6 months depending on your commuting frequency. 

<p>Eco friendly</p>
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Eco friendly

Use the bike you already know and love to make your perfect commuting vehicle. In fact, our system is so light, so smooth, and so intuitive, it’s years ahead of any other powertrain.

<p>Unlimited Fun</p>
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Unlimited Fun

This is the lightest, most efficient system in the world! Our high-voltage (52V) system made from fully proprietary components, allows us to pack the most mileage and power into the lightest package.

<p>Everything under control</p>
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Everything under control

With integrated WiFi and Bluetooth you can fine tune your ride and get industry-leading service through remote diagnostics and automatic updates.

<p>Stunningly capable</p>
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Stunningly capable

It's hard to see how something so simple, so sleek and so light could possibly be so capable. It's the lightest kit in the world!

<p>Easy on your wallet</p>
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Easy on your wallet

Usually when you get the brand new, latest technology, it starts at a high price and then works its way down. We wanted to do it differently and take all this advanced technology of hardware and software, to get it to the hands of as many people as possible right from the start.

<p>Intuitive interface</p>
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Intuitive interface

A single multi-color LED button is all you really need to maintain a stealthy ride. Get charge status, change modes and ride your vehicle like a normal one on steroids. Our app dashboard with live statistics and an optional handlebar-mounted screen is available.

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